Thursday, February 18, 2010



Here's a quick style I have done on my nieces!
This is my first attempt on my own head, which you'll  be able to tell with my crooked parts.
I don't braid my own hair because it's far too frustrating.

First, I divide the hair into 3 parts.
I will have braids come up the sides, meeting at the middle where I live some hair out
(hair that is to be twiseted later).

Each side of my head has 9, unfortunately, crooked braids.
               Right Side!                                                                      Left Side!

Once I am done, I'll have a bunch of hair collected in the middle.

Here ae some better shots.

Finally, the coils (blog to come).
I take a small amont of gel and wet my hair.
I then take my pointer finger and begin to rub the hair around my finger until it coils up.
The result:
I know, terrible parting job.  But I just couldn't see and my arms are so short.
Practice makes better.  It can only get better from here, right?!  I sure hope so.
The back.

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