Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick, Easy AFRO Hairstyles!!!!!! 2 Strand Twist and Twist Out!

This is my BIG o' forehead and my MINI afro!

This is the product I will be using: Olive Styling Gel by IC.
Cost: $4.00-$5.00 (with taxes)

I begin by taking a fair share (1 tablespoon) of gel in my hand.
I pick up my hair, based on how big and thick I want my twists to be.
I put my tablespoon of gel on my selected hair.             And I begin to twist the 2 halves together, into one!
Back view of what the twists look like!
I'm not balding. First day (until the twist out) there will be spots in your hair, unless you comb it out (at the root, as not to undo all of the curl).

Side View!

Big O' Forehead again!  Can't seem to cover it up.

Day II-Twist out
(I unravel each of the 2 strand twists)

Side Shot of Twist Out!
Notice I can continue to split twists apart to get even smaller, fuller curls.

Front Shot of Twists Out!!!!!!!

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