Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cornrow Hair Styles!

Cornrowing is an art!  It can be a difficult, frustrating art.  It's great for me to have two heads to practice on.  I really enjoy learning new styles.  Here's another style done on my 9 year old niece.  Though I tried growing her perm out, her mother permed it while she was home.  So, the approach I take on her hair is different.
More to come on this later!
Hair Style # 1

Her hair is parted horizontally down the middle of her head.  I braided 3/4 of the front of her hair.  The remainder was left out and flat ironed (heat protectant applied). 

The back of her hair is braided vertically to the middle (where the front braids meet). 
When the front and back braids meet, I ponytail the remainder of the hair and put tons of curls in it.

This style, if maintained properly, can last 2-3 weeks.
DO NOT APPLY heat everday.  The curls should last a while if maintained and a scarf is worn!

Hair Style # 2

Again, her hair is parted in the middle and braided in the front. 

Shot from the side.

The back is curled and sprayed with hair spray and a shine gloss.

Length: Hair style can last from 2-3 weeks.
Again, do not apply heat everday and keep scalp moisturized.

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