Monday, December 28, 2009

Learning to be Beautiful!

I never realized that I would one day have to learn to be beautiful.  That is: to redefine beauty. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I had short, kinky (commonly known to society as "nappy") hair. I wanted long, flowing hair (commonly known as "white girl" hair).

15 years later, I'm NOW just learning to see myself, my hair, ME, for who I am: someone beautiful.

My first step was to STOP perming my hair (more to come on perming later!)  This is when my transition stage began (more on transitons to come).  After growing tired of transitioning, I finally did the BC (big chop, yes, more info. to come later!).  I did it myself--risky, but successful! 

Now I strive to help young, African American girls learn to embrace their natural beauty.  I want to teach them to see that though their hair does not define them, it is something they should take pride in.  African American hair is an art; something to be celebrated!

Take a look at the photos below.  And don't worry about the terminology, I promise, you'll catch on before you know it!

Pictures of my OBSESSION with long and/or 
flowing,bouncy hair.

NEXT POST...THE BC (big chop)!

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