Friday, January 8, 2010

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

STOP!!! Put down the straightener and the curling iron! Step Back!

One of the most important things you can do for your hair is to stop damaging it with over use of heat!

If you're really going to go natural, that means no more or way less straightening, I mean it! Does that mean you can never apply heat again, well, of course not. But it means instead of straightening your hair everyday you should aim for once a week. This is especially important if you plan on transitioning out (not doing the BC right away).  Your hair will stay stronger and grow healthier when less heat is applied.
And Most Important: USE A HEAT PROTECTANT (see "Product Junkie Post).
I spent a long time looking for straighteners that were good for natural hair.  Here are the top 4 that I recommend, after months of research (no, I'm not kidding or being dramatic). 
I've found that the most popular flat irons (not all of them, just the more popular ones) that the African American women were selecting were based on how straight and shiny it could get their hair.  And I found them all to be expensive, but cheaper if you ordered them off-line versus going to a hair store.  If not ordered off-line, you can find these at Ulta, Target (the CHI), Sallys or an ethnic hair store.
Gold and Hot.  This is an all time favorite and the least expensive!
These are ceranmic, which help protect the hair. $40.00-$70.00

FHI.  This is the second most expensive.It's popularity continues to grow.  Many find it better than the CHI (below) because it is more cost efficient and has heat control. Price: $70.00-$90.00

 CHI.  Everyone loves the CHI!  It does what it promises.  There is the CHI with the temperature control and the CHI without.  It's recommended to get the CHI with the temperature control!  Price: $99.00-$250.00

SEDU: Now, this one isn't as popular as all of those promoted on youtube.  However, this is one I found, in blogs, to be a favorite.  I did buy this one, after much debate because it had a higher temperature setting and users claimed it left their hair feeling light and healthy.  I totally agree.  I do not use it personally; however, I do use it when I do other people's hair.  I love it.  Price: $210.00-300.00

  Suggested Heat Protectants:
1. Chi Silk Infusion/Infra Treatment
2. BioSilk
3. Olive Oil Heat
4. Silk Elements Protectant
5. IC Hair Polish Heat Protectant

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