Friday, January 8, 2010

Style with Extensions!

Here are a few more styles that I've done on the girls.  Their hair is washed using previous mentioned products!

1. Style # 1.  This is done with the use of curly extensions (found at ethnic hair store, price varies). 

                      BACK                         FRONT                      

I do not recommend hair exensions on small children, even older children.
 But we did  1/2 sew in (more to come later) and 1/2 crocheting (again, more to come later!). 
We wanted something fun for the first day back to school. 

Total Cost: $30.00
Total Time: 2 hours
Time Lasted: Week
 (only because she takes TERRIBLE care of her hair). 
Normally, this should last month-two months.

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