Friday, January 8, 2010


I was a tomboy when I was younger!  I wanted to be able to hand with the best of them.  And unfortunately, that has meant many bruises and scars for my body, especially my kness, elbows, and face.

Then, puberty sets in.  Welcome acne.  Now, I've never had bad acne (which I am so thankful for).  But I get a pimple here and there!  And unfortunately, I didn't grow out of those tomboy days because even as a teen, I still liked to fight.  And so, the scars kept coming.

The problem?  The scars come but they don't like to go!  I knew I was lovable, I just didn't know they'd love me so much that they'd never want to leave.

I didn't start wearing make-up until I was 17.  I'm glad I waited a long time.  It wasn't because my parents didn't let me, it just wasn't important to me.  But that's when the pimples started coming: when the make-up went on. 

Now that I'm older, I'm regretting those rough housing days and that pretty makeup!  So, I'm very protective of my skin-almost to a fault.  And I'm learning how to deal with colorful skin because it's not the same as white peoples (whose skin, most of the time, heals like brand new; like the magic erase cleaner pad!).

I will still rough house, buy my face is off limits!!!  I use tons of lotion and moisturizers!  Check out my skin care routines.  These might be helpful for your teen.

1. Face: I use sunscreen everday!  This is something I didn't know I should be doing at all, until 5 years ago.  Now, I cannot leave the house without it.  I immediately noticed that my face felt less dry and just healthier, especially in the winter!  This is recommend for all skin colors!    I use the kind in the picture to the left.  I buy SPF 45/50.  I highly recommend it!!!!

A. In the morning, I wash my face with 2 soaps (as of late) to help with the scarring and evening out my skin tone.  Both soaps are by Black Opal.  These Soaps can be found at your local store (I buy mine at Meijer) or ordered on-line at    But they are very drying!!!!!  That's where the sunscreen comes into place!!!

B. At night, it varies.  I'm a product experiementer, as you see!
I use various products on my face, at night, and I use them until I feel they are no longer effective.
Currently, I am using the Black Opal soap (above) and then following up with Coco Butter Formula

(Skin Therapy Oil), I mix that with lotion!  My ultimate, favorite lotion that I will not stray from is Vaseline Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E.  Sometimes, I mix those two with vaseline.  I rub it on my face and get my beauty rest! 

2. Body:  Both products above.  Everyone tells me I have baby smooth skin.  I'm sure this is true for two reaons: first, I have little hair on my arms or legs.  Second, I use the two products above.  I take about 2 teaspoons of Vaseline and 7 pumps of lotion, mix them togther and rub them on my body.  I do not actually measure the vasline, I'm trying to give you an idea of how much to use.  At first it feels oily, but it'll dry and make your skin nice and smooth!  Vaseline is also great if you have hard, crusty, calloused feet.  Put a bunch of vaseline on your feet at night, put socks over them, and in the morning, you'll have new feet (well, not really, but they'll definately be softer and better looking!). 

3. Natural Remedies:  In keeping with being natural! Sometimes, I'll wash my face with baking soda.  I'll put like 1/2 teaspoon in my hand, wet my face, and scrub and scrub.  I use this to help with the scars.  I only use this every once in a while!  I will also use lemon to help lighten the scars.  I do this for my armpits too because I've found they've gotten darker over time (with shaving).  Lemon works really well!

Tea Tree Oil!!!!!!  I had never heard of this stuff before, but it works wonders, until your body begins to get used to it (so you have to trick your body sometimes, meaning, don't use it all of the time!).  But it helped with scars and pimples and well, just about anything!  I love this stuff!!!!  I use a liquid, however, there are soaps avaliable.  I'll even apply this with my morning/night face routine!

4. A Few of My Favorite Things!
Noxema-Love IT! 

Neutrogena Clear Pore Face Wash/Mask.  Gotta Have It!
This serves as both a face wash and a face mask. 
Again, wonder worker! 

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